Should Your Wedding Venue Be Inside Or Outside?

Should Your Wedding Venue Be Inside Or Outside?Planning for a beautiful wedding comes with many questions. One of the most significant questions typically revolves around where to have the wedding. With so many brilliant wedding venues surrounding you, it might be difficult to choose between one that is inside or outside. These considerations might help you decide.

The Benefits of an Indoor Wedding

We offer a gorgeous indoor venue with 3,300 square feet of space and seating for 300. The biggest benefit of an indoor wedding is that you do not have to worry about the weather. Who cares if it is raining outside? You do not have to be so dependent upon the time of year, and nobody is going to get sunburned.

Indoor venues are great because they offer amazing photo opportunities. You can take photos at the altar without worrying about weather and lighting.

Indoor weddings offer the benefit of custom decor. You can choose a color scheme that is much more pervasive inside than it might be outside.

One final benefit of holding a wedding inside is that you do not have to worry about critters — especially bugs — invading your ceremony and reception.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Wedding

Our outdoor venue offers a majestic country garden setting with a triple arch backdrop and gorgeous roses. It offers much more space than many indoor venues, and of course your preference will depend on the size of the audience you expect.

In addition to a beautiful atmosphere, outdoor weddings simply cannot be recreated indoors. You will save a lot of money on decor because you won’t need it. Plus, your family and friends will feel much more casual outside than inside if that is the atmosphere you are going for.

If you are feeling adventurous, why not have a ceremony inside and a reception outside, or vice versa? Contact us to learn more about your wedding venue options.