Planning the Rehearsal Dinner With Ease

From tallying RSVPs to confirming floral arrangements, the final touches of a wedding can leave the married couple to-be overwhelmed. Today we’ll be covering tips to ensure a relaxed and successful rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is a long-standing wedding custom in America, meant to be a joyous occasion where the wedding party comes together, usually the night before the ceremony. A rehearsal dinner is meant to be a time where the bride and groom can thank their loved ones, enjoy choice cuisine, and toast to the momentous occasion ahead. That said, the we all know the days and weeks leading up to the ceremony are packed with activity.

Planning the Rehearsal Dinner With Ease

Let the Hosts Handle the Details

The rehearsal dinner stands as a time to review wedding-day roles and duties, but also to build inter-family comfort and comradery. Traditionally the groom’s parents handle the responsibilities surrounding the rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom often have enough to handle with their coming matrimony and the rehearsal dinner offers an opportunity for others to pitch in and lend a hand. That said, in recent years this trend has shifted a bit with some bride’s and groom’s channeling the duties of the dinner. Whoever’s care the dinner is under, we suggest, leave the details big and small in their hands. If dinner management is handled by others than the bride and groom, it’s a chance for the couple to take a step back. The dinner isn’t meant to be stressful so try and ease up on urges to micromanage. By letting the dinner be handled exclusively by pre-determined individuals, it allows all attending to feel a degree of ease.

Remember, Food is Front and Center

The rehearsal dinner is a moment of bonding, but remember, it’s a dinner. This means you’ll want to make sure that the palates at the table are happy and healthy. Check ahead of time for dietary restrictions and consider what sort of mood you want to set with the food you’re putting on plates. You’ll want a dish that is unique from the meal being served the following night, at the reception. You might find it beneficial to offer options, or at least poll cuisine interests ahead of time. Whichever method you choose, remember that the meal is the glue of the event and is key to having a successful rehearsal dinner.

Don’t Fret on Formalities

As planners of the rehearsal dinner, it is up to you to set the venue and the mood of the occasion. Rehearsal dinners typically aren’t held at the same location as the reception so this is an opportunity to get creative if you’d like. While rehearsal dinners are typically formal and socially proper, it’s up to you to create an environment that matches the guests in attendance. This flows into our final tip…

Flexibility is Your Friend

Above all else, flexibility ensures a stress-free evening that can be enjoyed by all. There are several ways you can ensure this. Don’t feel obligated to hold the dinner the night before the ceremony and reception. While this is traditional, consider the many people traveling for the wedding and see what does or doesn’t work for all parties involved. This applies to the timing of the dinner too; consider the ages and parental responsibilities of those in attendance and you’ll guarantee that those in attendance are fully present. Finally, be open-minded to suggestions as well as changes as they present themselves. Keep your notions about what the dinner “should be” at bay, and you’ll make sure that everyone, yourself included, gets in on the fun.

We hope these tips illuminate the decisions made leading up to the rehearsal dinner so everyone in attendance has a fun-filled night with memories that last a lifetime. Get in touch with us for more tips, we’re here to help!